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Us skinny-jean wearing, frappuccino slurpin chain gang of young folk like things homegrown and from scratch. You know things like, sourdough, kale, http servers.

Using a framework to sort out larger APIs and services is usually a good idea, but a lot of the times they do too much for what you actually need (hello it me, information overload, did you miss me?). We want you to try out building a server on your own.

exercise 1 - server

Your quest is to write up an http module to handle the usual suspects: req, res.

  1. start of by creating an index.js file
  2. require http. http API is exposed directly in node, so you don't need to npm-install it
  3. http.createServer() should help you with most of the legwork of creating a server
  4. attach a listener to a specific port so you can serve up your page
  5. intercept any given req and set the correct res headers for a json with res.setHeader()
  6. set a status code to your response with res.statusCode
  7. write json back with with res.write(2)
  8. don't forget to close the connection with res.end()
  9. serve it with good ol' node node ./index.js
  10. you can access your server with curl (or browser! capitalism tought us about options after all) with curl -i localhost:{port} and get the body and headers back (1). You should get something that looks like this: simple-response
  11. to 🍄 level up 🍄, look intohttp.request()

exercise 2 - router

Think of how you might want to handle routing. Although http.request() has a path option, looking at an abstraction is a good idea

  1. check out reg-router or server-router as your router options.

tipsy tips

(1) if you're using the browser to access your server, open up the network tab to see your headers information. Network > {yourRoute} > Headers. In the same line of thinking, you can preview your response under the same tab -- Network > {yourRoute} > Response.

(2) altenatively you should look into res.writeHead() to handle setting a status code, sending back body, and setting headers.

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